2015 at Big Presence

Wow. What a year.

Big Presence is still just in it’s early stages, but as I look back at 2015, in many ways this was our first year we’ve really made big strides forward. We managed to find our identity as a top-tier inbound marketing agency (with the help of our friends at HubSpot), brought on new talent that is carrying us to the next level around design + development, and have completely honed in on what it is that we do best.

Get companies marketing properly.

Being that this is my first attempt at building an agency, I’ve often been too reserved in my claims about what we’re capable of, and what we provide to our clients. I prefer to surprise our clients with additional capabilities, than to ever appear to offer services that we’re not really able to deliver high-quality deliverables around. The great thing about building a team that’s more like a family than just co-workers, is that they openly remind me that we are often providing much more than just the services we list in our agreements.

We’ve purposely brought ourselves into a position of leadership for our clients, as they navigate through the sea of marketing softwares, strategic planning for budgets, and sales strategies for new products being brought to market, and in all honesty, it’s that challenge of strategic consulting that’s driving me through these 15-17 hour days. After all, I’m addicted to helping others.

Who is Big Presence in 2016?

As we continue to bring aboard increasingly talented designers, developers, and marketers, I also see Big Presence expanding service offerings to continue to meet the needs of our clients. These new services will enable us to provide products and support that we have often overlooked or side-stepped in the past. In many cases, we’ve been doing these services at one level or another the whole time, but we’re now committing to build out additional teams to further their development as we grow the business.


In a way, we’ve been doing branding all along. Redesigning a company’s online presence is one of the key components of branding, and as we’ve learned more recently, much of what we do when building inbound marketing strategies really is the core of building a brand. Company research, persona development, creating the brand’s voice for content creation, and aligning sales with marketing are key to building a corporate identity, so we plan to continue to refine our existing processes in place, and add additional steps needed to round out what our clients need to take their brand beyond the limitations of its current iteration.

In 2016 we’re on-boarding key team members with decades of combined brand building experience, and begin to offer Branding as one of our key services. This team will be integral to our other services, as we work to help clients not only become better marketers, but also become better companies as a whole.

Sales Training

Offering Sales Training as a service to our clients in 2016, is probably the most organically developed new service offering we’ll put forward this year. What we’ve learned from our clients over the past few years, is that our desire to focus on lead generation is what separates us from our competition, which is why it’s only natural for Big Presence to want to help clients succeed with those leads we all work so hard to generate.

The first key step for any sales organization is choosing the right CRM and sales strategy for your team. We’re already helping clients make those decisions, integrate CRM with their marketing softwares, and building strategies for lead development through the sales process. Moving forward, my hope is that by presenting Sales Training as an additional service on existing service plans, and building out our capabilities around structured sales development strategies, we can help clients iron out the creases in their sales processes, and increase conversions across the board.

This also means key relationships with CRM, marketing automation software, and integration partners will be better emphasized in 2016. Too often I see new clients come through the door with disjointed marketing and sales tools that are consistently causing lost revenue, and fragmented reporting that’s draining the business. If we can do a better job of preparing our clients from the ground up, we’re providing added value without much additional cost from Day 1 of our engagements.

Goals for 2016

We managed to grow at a tremendous rate in 2015, and will most likely continue to see that growth as we continue to add talented designers, developers, and marketers to our team through 2016. But one change we’re committed to this year is spending more time in the discovery phases with our clients who are, in a sense, venturing into digital marketing for the first time.

We’ve learned over the years that every project is ASAP for our clients, but that not every company is ready for ASAP solutions. We want to be sure that we’re uncovering any and all potential roadblocks to success early on, and better prepare our clients by implementing best practices, processes, and guidelines for marketing and sales well before we begin any work to drive traffic and leads. In reality, what good is traffic if you can’t convert it into leads, and what’s the real value of a lead if you don’t have the right processes in place to nurture that lead into a customer?

Looking forward to another year of building brands, and driving revenue for all of our clients here at Big Presence.

(I also promise to contribute much more content to our blog in 2016, so be sure to subscribe in the right sidebar to keep up with us.)

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