The Big Presence Intern Experience

While being an intern is meant to bridge individuals from college dreams to their dream career, the term “internship” has developed an unkindly stigma. Horror stories of companies using interns for brunt work, while teaching them absolutely nothing of substance, have been drifting around the digital sphere for years. Unfortunately, my past experiences were no different. That is until I found Big Presence.

Working for a Boss With Big Presence

I knew that interning at Big Presence would be different before day one. People say that you should choose your boss, not your job, and they were correct. On the day of my interview, it was immediately apparent how much CEO and Creative Director, Charles Drengberg, believes in the business. His enthusiasm for the agency’s clients and projects was contagious.

What impressed me even more was when he gave me an assignment at the end of my interview. Before continuing any further discussion of my employment, it was imperative that Big Presence understood what value I could bring to the business. I knew then that Charles not only cared deeply about the work done at Big Presence, but that he was also willing to take the extra steps necessary to protect the integrity of his business. I was sold.

Mood: Newport Beach 

The Big Presence office is quaint, yet artfully modern. Employees operate within an open space, which promotes collaboration for the tasks that require it. On the flip side, privacy and personal space are fully respected. The office environment carries a delicate balance. Not only that, but working just blocks from Newport Beach is a perk in itself. I couldn’t imagine that anyone would be opposed to the natural sunshine lighting up their office desk or leisurely walks along the beach during their work break.

A Motivational Work Culture

Now the thing that distinguished Big Presence to me the most was the work culture. The people who work for the company are completely dedicated to what they’re doing. I can assure you that, while work ethic is not fully determined by hiring choice or work environment, the culture of the Big Presence space does play a part.

There is an air of work-life balance that floats through the office, which I believe traces back to a culture of personal and professional care that the employees have for each other. It’s a relaxing feeling to know that you can be genuine with who you are and honest about needing to take an hour out of the day to go to the doctor or run an important errand. It’s also quite surprising how much this level of freedom will motivate you to work even harder when you’re in the office, or even put in extra hours.

Growing with Big Presence

As an agency, Big Presence helps companies grow their business online. I started my internship at Big Presence to grow, too. I wanted to build myself a career that I could be proud of. I can honestly say that from the very beginning of my internship to the very end, my work was meaningful. There is so much about digital marketing that I have yet to understand, but while working at Big Presence, I was given the opportunity to contribute what I could and learn about what I couldn’t.

Some projects I worked on during my internship include:

Big Presence is a growing company in more ways than one. The business is thriving and expanding, but the company is also a place where individual people can grow. At Big Presence, every new project is viewed as an opportunity for employees to expand their knowledge base and for the company to advance the quality of its services. Growth was what I wanted and growth was what I got.


Now, I work full time with Big Presence, as a Marketing Coordinator.


As I look back at my time with Big Presence, I can confidently say that my time was not put to waste. I am now sure of where I want my career to go, what more I have to learn, and how to begin building my success. It looks like not all internships are bad after all.


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