You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with

Big Presence is growing everyday, and we’re looking for talented agency-trained people to join our team, and help us continue to grow both as an agency and as people.

With that rapid growth, we get amazing opportunities to have major impact on the brands we work with, and we’re looking for people who eat, sleep, and breathe that agency lifestyle. We don’t have a dog as an office manager, and we don’t have a foosball table in the break room, but we’re blowing the doors off of our competition, and building something great with endless possibilities.

Think you can help?


Our creative team is looking for client-facing UX/UI and graphic designers that can solve business problems and create effective award-winning websites that also convert leads.


Art Director

Sr. UX/UI Designer

Graphic Designer (Freelance)


With an endless amount of work to be done, and an ever-expanding service offering, we’re looking for developers who love a new challenge everyday, and cherish processes and project management.


Front-End Developer

WordPress Developer (Freelance)


We’re looking for marketers who understand the inbound methodology, and have agency experience in lead generation, email marketing, social, SEO, and PPC campaigns.


Inbound Marketing Specialist

Project Manager

SEO + PPC Specialist

What we’re looking for

Must Have Traits

  1. Relentless Optimistic

  2. Perfectionist

  3. Capable of Picking up on Sarcasm via Text

  4. College Degree or Higher

  5. 2+ Years of Agency Experience

  6. Experience with Client Interaction

  7. Amazing Communicator

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