The Perfect Fit from the Comfort of Home

TheManRefined wanted to bring their custom men’s clothing directly to customers with an intuitive product customizer, and feeding those orders directly to their craftspeople to be custom made and delivered within 2 weeks.



Shopify Development
Custom Shopify Product App
Shopify Mgmt + Development
Custom ERP Integration
Email Marketing Automation
Influencer Marketing


Founded in 2019, TMR is a custom men’s clothing brand based in Southern California. The brand’s focus on creating a perfect fit, utilizing key datapoints customers provide during the checkout process, and giving customers the opportunity to customize all aspects of each design, creates a shopping experience fitting of 2020.



Custom-Crafted Clothing on Shopify


TheManRefined is a new brand offering perfect fit custom men’s clothing entirely online. With a proprietary system to craft made-to-order products already in place, TMR now needed a customer experience that would allow shoppers enough flexibility to create their own unique styles in 30 seconds or less, while also making it intuitive enough for a first time buyer to understand right away.


Big Presence saw an opportunity to create a custom Shopify app to power the product customizations, and feed directly into TMR’s production line with a custom integration that would speed up time to delivery for TMR customers. Building a native Shopify app to do so allows TMR’s internal team to quickly create and deploy new products without the need for additional custom development on the backend.

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Designing Custom Clothing in Shopify


TheManRefined provides made-to-order custom men’s clothing, that customers can customize 8-10 individual aspects of dress shirts, slacks, chinos and more. Big Presence built a product customizer as a native app within the Shopify store, to make it easy for the TMR team to add new products to, but also maintain fast pageload speeds and not be dependent on a 3rd party app. As TMR scales, new products are automatically, and product managers can easily add product default styles using a simplified UI in the app. Making the management of the store easier, so the marketing team can stay focused on driving growth.

RESULTS now carries over 100+ products, from the original men’s dress shirts and pants, and now extending out with boxers, socks, t-shirts, and other menswear items, many that can be customized and some ready-to-ship. The Shopify store integrates directly to their craftsmen to ensure new orders go into production the day after their ordered, and ready-to-ship orders are routed to their local Los Angeles facility to be shipped out quickly. With a frictionless buying experience, and no manual work to manage the flow of orders, TMR is prime to scale the business quickly and with little effort from the development team.

  • Concept to Launch in 5 Months

    Eager to launch at the beginning of 2020, TMR looked to Big Presence to lead on all aspects of technology and technical strategy for the store. The store launched officially in February 2020, and is now scaling inventory to meet demand.

  • Product + Lifestyle Photography

    Big Presence brought our friends from Process Creative in to shoot creative for the project, including extensive product photography and professionally styled models to show off the perfect fit of TMR's new line.

  • Automated Order-to-Production

    Start-to-finish the development of TMR's site was a completely custom engagement. From conceptualizing the shopper experience, to building a native app within Shopify to support custom orders, all the way through to delivering customized order data straight to production.