Inbound Marketing Stats to Show Your Boss

Before I started Big Presence, I worked for years in marketing, sales, and business development where we were required to drive leads and sales through traditional marketing activities like email blasts, cold-call telemarketing, and all things outbound. I once told my sales manager that we needed to generate more leads for me to have any chance at closing deals in the new territory I had been hired to manage, and when he told me “90% of our revenue will be generated by our cold calls”, I knew it was time to move on.

Sometimes it’s hard to sell your older, more experienced, and financially comfortable boss that you may have a better way of going about running his department, but that shouldn’t stop those of you more qualified minions out there from trying to contribute to your team’s growth.

So I’m here to arm you with some inbound marketing stats for that next team strategy meeting when you’re asked why you’re not hitting your quota, and what the team can do better to drive more sales qualified leads for you to close.

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound marketing does.

Say whaaaaaaaaat??!!

That’s right, inbound marketing is more successful than traditional outbound marketing. This is not a random statistic that could reduce next year. This is the new norm in marketing, and if your boss is not convinced, then he won’t be your boss for much longer.

Inbound marketing leads cost 61% LESS than outbound leads.

So now we’re talking, more leads, for less money? This is where you find out if your boss is even paying attention to you when you talk. If he or she doesn’t sit up straight and look at you like you’re the second coming of Christ, they’re probably abusing perscription pills and may need immediate medical attention.

If you’ve got their attention, go ahead and take this pre-printed pie graph out and slap it onto their forehead like a closer, and go get some coffee while their head explodes from the excitement as they read it. Because coffee is for closers, and this could seal the deal.

Companies that Blog Generate 126% More Leads than Companies that Don’t


When you’re demonstrating your expertise to prospects through content creation, and answering questions and concerns they have about their own business, you’re now giving them a reason to come to you in a time of need, instead of you going to them when you NEED a sale.

Just for good measure, here’s an additional 10 stats, just because we’re feeling generous. Just click the banner below, and download the whole presentation, and pass it off as your own in the next team meeting.

10 Inbound Stats to Show Your Outbound-Loving Boss