The Hamburger Helper Marketing Squad Dropped a Mixtape?

Inspiration for branding, marketing, and dinner recipes can come from unexpected places, but the marketing team over at Hamburger Helper just put on a clinic for brand managers everywhere when they dropped this April Fool’s Day mixtape that’ll turn your kitchen into the new ‘Trap’.

[listen to it while you read on for full effect as I’m writing this while listening to it]

Talk about thinking outside of the “box”.

We’re always approached by clients looking to go “viral”, but this one is a great example of something we could pitch, but fully expect a client to then never return another call from anyone in our area code ever again. That’s what makes this even more satisfying for us as marketers. Watching this mixtape rack up MILLIONS of plays in just a couple of days, and taking it a step further and getting hundreds of thousands of additional shares across the target demographic from a SOUNDCLOUD PLAYLIST.

I don’t know if Hamburger Helper makes organic, gluten-free, diet, carbon footprint-less food, but if they do, this campaign may be just enough for me to convince the wife to carb up for a night, and dine on burger meat and pasta like we’re back in college all over again.

[Original story appeared in Adweek]