A new approach to selling light bulbs.

When HubSpot introduced us to Lighting Science, they were in the midst of a CEO change, managing multiple ecommerce websites in need of a new platform, and were looking for a digital partner that could build a new ecommerce system integrated with HubSpot. Lighting Science then needed to build a digital marketing strategy that could increase brand awareness, and allow LSGC to begin selling direct to customers online, and better educate us all about the benefits of LEDs, and how they’re changing our world.

The Deliverables

Web Design
A modern design for environmentally-significant products.
Ecommerce built on Shopify, blog built on WordPress and HubSpot landing pages for converting leads.
HubSpot Implementation
The LSGC website tracks all visitor and shopper activity and constantly runs automated list segmentation and campaigns in the background.
Digital Marketing Strategy
Content and campaigns driven by the need to educate consumers on the physical impact lighting has on the human body, and the visual impact different lighting can have on any given space.
Content Creation
Big Presence managed the majority of web content being produced in 2015 and 2016, and was responsible for writing blogs, emails, premium assets and display ad campaigns to drive online sales.
HubSpot + Webite Support
Managing website updates, adding new products to Shopify, pushing out email marketing and analyzing HubSpot/DataHero reporting to give LSGC leadership insights into their digital business was key to getting the LSGC marketing team comfortable in their new systems.

The Approach

Innovative web design for an innovative brand.

Prior to working with Big Presence, LSGC went through several website redesigns on popular ecommerce platforms that always seemed to make sense for their needs, but never aligned with their capabilities. Big Presence partnered with Shopify to put LSGC on an early version of Shopify +, designed to be easy-to-manage as Shopify is known to be, but also capable of scaling for large PR campaigns, and flash promotions as the organization grows.

Big Presence worked with LSGC’s branding agency, DNA, to completely revamp the company’s messaging, and intentions to help make the world a better place through innovative lighting, and low-impact energy saving technologies deserving of a proper storytelling.

This new Shopify site also includes a custom-built Shopping Assistant that will help customers find the right bulb based on their needs, and preferences. This particular Shopping Assistant feeds custom data into HubSpot to help serve customers with the appropriate product offerings and deals in future marketing activities.

The Solution

How does one sell light bulbs via the internet?

Most Americans have grown accustomed to wandering the aisles of Ace Hardware, Home Depot, or Target looking helplessly for a replacement when a light bulb burns out at home. Most likely with dead bulb in hand, and firm confidence that 60 watts is the right choice, because …. well that’s what the old bulb was, right?

The first thing we needed to do to become an effective marketing and sales consulting partner for LSGC was to absorb everything we could about the business, the industry sales model, past transgressions, and future goals both on the B2B Professional project-based sales, and direct-to-consumer sales sides of the business. This meant creating detailed customer profiles, building messaging unique to each potential customer, and designing a content strategy that would both increase brand awareness through brand awareness via SEO + social, but also uniquely address existing industry perceptions of our client.

The decision to make HubSpot’s Marketing Automation platform the centerpiece of the digital strategy was a choice made by newly minted CEO, Ed Bednarcik, who saw the value of using content creation as a gateway to becoming a thought leader in a space where Lighting Science is perfectly positioned to be exactly that.

LSGC Custom Shopping Assistant