Plexxi is a maturing startup, revolutionizing the enterprise network infrastructure industry with their patented technologies that will cause a paradigm shift for network architects around the globe in the coming years. This kind of ambitious endeavor requires a major commitment to thought-leadership marketing and a very comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will reach millions of potential customers and help educate them on the benefits of Plexxi’s solutions, which is why we were elated to hear they were already considering HubSpot as their marketing automation platform.

The Deliverables

Web Design/Development
The Plexxi website was designed to help educate the industry on their new approach to networking, and show how the world of mobile applications and big data have changed the industry.
Digital Marketing Strategy
Writing a digital content strategy for a company looking to educate their market is one of the key steps to creating an inbound sales and marketing system. Plexxi's undeniable strength is understanding the value of good content, and how to use it to drive net new business.
HubSpot Implementation
Plexxi knew inbound marketing would be the only way they could draw in new business in a market that is dominated by legacy brands and technologies.

The Solution

A fast & powerful website to showcase a truly creative brand.

Whenever your brand is poised for a breakout year, it’s critical that the company website accurately reflects where the brand is going, not just where it’s been. Plexxi needed a rich, dynamic website that could serve as an education hub for potential clients, and media outlets following their rise to prominence while still being able to draw in lead opportunities and track the success of their marketing efforts.

By building on WordPress and HubSpot, Big Presence sought to create a beautiful website that could be easily managed and developed by the internal marketing team at Plexxi as their needs grew. Knowing that much of Plexxi’s traffic would be coming from mobile users at events and conferences where Plexxi would be presenting their technology to network architects, often for the first time ever, we saw a need to use strong visuals that would convey the unique advantages Plexxi’s solutions bring to the enterprise networking industry while still making room for critical technical diagrams and tools.

As Plexxi grows, the combination of WordPress and HubSpot for marketing automation and lead generation will be vital to scaling the website for new products and solutions.

The Strategy

Bringing the ideal customers to us.
Plexxi chose HubSpot’s Marketing Automation Platform knowing that the key to their success would be their ability to create great content as a way to educate the networking industry about their technology, and allow their streamlined internal marketing team to quickly scale lead generation opportunities throughout their marketing.

Big Presence worked with key stakeholders within Plexxi to build out ideal customer profiles, or Buyer Personas as they’re known in the land of HubSpot, which would become the foundation for content generation moving forward. By focusing much of our attention on who their potential buyers are, Big Presence was able to create a digital marketing strategy anchored by pain point-driven content that would help industry professionals get up to speed on new solutions Plexxi is providing for customers around the world.

It’s no easy task creating a content strategy for such a technically advanced market, but Big Presence relied on proprietary internal processes to quickly get educated on Plexxi’s service offerings, and provide valuable insight into the need for aligning Plexxi’s marketing language with the existing sales strategy.