Free Business Blog Calendar Template

It has been a long road to get where we are today in the world of business blogging and inbound marketing, but how organized is your company when it comes to creating new and useful content on a monthly basis. Are you pushing out content everyday, or are you like most businesses who look at adding content to their blog as something that’s just another thing you TRY to get to every other week or God forbid… month.

For many companies, with limited marketing departments, blogging seems like a big hassle that’s hard to measure the success of, and sometimes even seems like it’s not worth the effort.

Let’s look at blogging from another perspective.

Owning a business website without an active blog is like owning a business without doors or windows. Sure you’ve already got some customers who know how great your business is, and maybe they even tell their friends once in awhile. But how are you bringing in new customers off the street? What kind of opportunity are you creating for them to stumble upon you when they Google the same services you offer in the neighborhood they live in? How do they know if you’re expert in what you offer, and what makes you different from your competitors?

Many of the business owners I talk to want to blog, but really have no idea where to start, and feel overwhelmed by the seemingly arduous task of creating an actionable plan. One way to organize your efforts is to create a monthly blog editorial calendar to plan out the topics and keywords you want to write about in your blog. By assigning the blog posts ahead of time, you create accountability and it becomes a task rather than a secondary idea.

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Creating this kind of blogging calendar can be done fairly quickly, and will allow your team to build out other activities surrounding the promotion of these posts, and begin to identify a working process for creating real marketing juice for your business blog.