Why GMAIL is down for many users today

Most likely, you haven’t even noticed it yet, but some GMAIL users have been experiencing major delays in receiving emails most of today. For those of you who have noticed it, and are freaking out, calm down, it’s just email, and Google is working to salve the issue already.

Google noticed the issue early Monday morning and has been working on it for the past 8 hours. After announcing that less than 1% of users had been affected, later to be closer to 50%, Google began reporting updates here: https://www.google.com/appsstatus#hl=en&v=issue&ts=1379995199000&sid=1&iid=043f082bc7cd18e15458318035d9bc7a

Instead of freaking out and ranting on Twitter like a crazy person.

Relax, and enjoy having an excuse for being a slacker on Monday. At least this excuse is a good one.