Building a Shopify site for Fanatics.

Fan Frames is a startup 3D printed license plate / picture frame brand we designed and built on Shopify for the brand launch in 2016. Fan Frames is bringing a brand new set of products to market fully licensed by the major sports leagues, and wanted a website that could be easily managed by a non-technical marketing team, but could easily scale as inventory and the overall business grew.

A key component to this project was the development of custom transactional emails and shopping experience that would eventually allow Fan Frames to drip new addition team products to fans who identify with specific regions. This program will be vital to notifying fans of the addition of their favorite teams as Fan Frames grows.

The Deliverables

Web Design
Built on Shopify, the Fan Frames backend is user friendly even for a novice, making growing the product set intuitive and quick to grow.
Shopify Development
A customized experience and 3rd party app integrations reduce future development costs, and best prepares Fan Frames for rapid growth in both marketing and sales.
Transactional Emails
Customized transactional emails provide fans a better buying experience, and non-intrusive communications while their purchase is being fulfilled.
Webite Support
Big Presence is Fan Frame's go-to support partner for marketing and technology needs surrounding sales and marketing with respect to digital.