iBASEt makes discrete, complex manufacturing simple.

iBASEt is a software solution provider helping complex manufacturers overcome and eliminate costly business killers by increasing visibility, control and velocity across the manufacturing landscape. Due to their very nuanced and niche market opportunity, iBASEt, the maker of the Solumina Product Suite, needed a marketing and technology partner that could both reposition the company digitally, while also implementing a robust inbound marketing program built on HubSpot’s Marketing Automation Platform.

By moving towards a more thought-leadership driven inbound methodology for driving leads and brand awareness, iBASEt sought to improve their understanding of key influencers on their sales engagements, and create a hyper-focused persona-based content strategy that would utilize high value content to drive traffic and leads at all stages of the buyer journey.

The Deliverables

Web Design
Built on WordPress, and managed by Visual Composer's drag n' drop page builder, the iBASEt website is dynamic but easy to manage.
HubSpot Implementation
With a smaller target market to cover, it's important for iBASEt to be able to serve different users with content specific to their needs, and the detailed segmentation that creates makes iBASEt the best in their industry at delivering content to their target personas.
Digital Marketing Strategy
Creating thought-leadership content is one of iBASEt's marketing strengths, and their success in generating leads shows that their execution is second to none.
Content Creation
Big Presence supports all content creation for the website in a variety of capacities, and that's exactly what iBASEt needs from a tactical digital marketing partner.
HubSpot + Webite Support
Keeping the WordPress site healthy, pushing campaigns out via HubSpot and supporting quarterly and yearly marketing initiatives has been Big Presence's responsibility since 2014.